Student testimonials

Eddie made the long road of language learning much less daunting. His depth of knowledge of the Luxembourgish language, combined with what must have been an incredible amount of course preparation for his students, makes him stand out from all language courses. My Luxembourgish wife was absolutely amazed at the quality of the coursework.



The sessions are very enjoyable, with a skilful mix of conversation, grammar, Luxembourg history and culture in text and on video, language games and fun – the morning seems to fly by. The small group tuition means that every student gets personal attention. The course materials, all personally created by Eddie Bohnert and unique to the course, are very comprehensive and build into an invaluable reference manual. It has been a hugely rewarding experience.



Eddie’s class combines the perfect amount of structured learning exercises with interesting insights into Luxembourgish culture. The classes cover everything you need to make a solid start at learning Luxembourgish, and as you progress the material continues to be challenging but very rewarding. Eddie has an excellent ability to break down complex aspects of the language into bite sized morsels, which made it very easy for me to progress. I couldn’t ask for more from a weekly class and have found learning the language very enjoyable indeed.



I have wished to learn the language spoken by Luxembourgers for many years, so I could speak to my partner in his mother tongue. Unfortunately I never managed to find any classes in London. When Eddie started up his sessions, I was thrilled to finally be able to try and learn Lëtzebuergesch. Eddie’s imagination and creativity made attending a language class a joy not a chore. Added to which his thoughtful, well designed course materials have provided a strong foundation with which I have been able to make steady progress in my quest to converse in Lëtzebuergesch.



Eddie’s lessons are informative and constructive. I have found the insight into the language fascinating and rewarding. Covering all bases from basic grammar to the etymology of words and phrases, Eddie is able to help people with differing language skills grasp the fundamentals of Luxembourgish.



I was very excited to sign up to Eddie’s Lëtzebuergesch course, having struggled to find any resources to learn the language both in England and Luxembourg. The resources Eddie has produced are extremely comprehensive, and are also excellent reference material to review at home. Learning in a small group of friendly, enthusiastic students was an unexpected bonus! The size of the group allows everyone to get the support they need to keep up with the pace. The atmosphere is productive, supportive, enthusiastic, positive and fun!



Eddie is highly knowledgeable about the Luxembourg language and the country’s history. Along with becoming acquainted with the vocabulary and grammar of Lëtzebuergesch, it was always a pleasure to learn about Luxembourg’s wider culture, from idiosyncratic folk traditions through to theories regarding the origin of the language itself. This is a really engaging language class, that makes me want to return and visit the country as often as possible.



Hi Eddie – Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I learnt a lot about Luxembourg, which I intend to show off at every opportunity. Interestingly too, I learned quite a bit about London, and the parallels between the histories of the languages was interesting. Thanks again for being such a fantastic tutor.



Thank you again for such a great course; I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to finally study my mother’s native language and I really feel prepared to continue building upon the foundation you’ve given me.



The lessons were carefully structured. Eddie managed to combine a detailed attention to grammar with a helpful broad cultural background to set it in.



I am applying for Luxembourg nationality. Eddie helped me prepare for the language test, and I am pleased to report that I scored 99% in oral expression, and 100% in comprehension.



Dear Eddie – Thank you for preparing me for Luxembourg! I would have been completely lost without your lessons and materials.



Eddie’s classes are not your usual dull language class, but a nice assortment of Lëtzebuergesch language, culture, history, colloquialisms and more. I always looked forward for the small little surprises on my Saturday mornings. I believe that Eddie’s passion and enthusiasm is what has made this possible.



Hi Eddie – I wanted to take the chance and thank you again for your amazing classes. I see the results so clearly now, when I understand people speaking.