The Course

A typical course was made up of 30 two-hour sessions, spread over three terms.

Each session consisted of two 50-minute lessons, punctuated by a 15-minute refreshment break, where students could socialise and have a cup of mineral water or a hot beverage and a biscuit.

Each 50-minute lesson was in turn subdivided into two or more smaller sections devoted to activities such as learning grammar and vocabulary, applying this new knowledge by way of practical examples, doing exercises, listening to audio recordings or watching short movies, or by taking part in group activities and games.

The type of content varied from week to week, and the structure of the lessons was not rigid, to avoid wasting precious time or covering a topic too hastily.

An effort was made to design homework and group activities that were not condescending, whilst remaining enjoyable and informative.

Detailed handouts were provided free of charge.

A report featuring the 2011-12 students, by Anne Faber, was shown on RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg on 29th December 2011.