The Language

The language

Lëtzebuergesch is the national language of Luxembourg.

It is spoken by approximately 390,000 people, both in the Grand Duchy and in neighbouring parts of Belgium, Germany and France. In Germany, it is considered a local dialect, ‘Moselfränkisch’, and in the French Lorraine it is known as ‘le Francique’. It has its roots in the early Middle Ages, when the Greater Luxembourg region was situated in the heartland of Charlemagne’s Frankish Empire.

Like all living languages, Lëtzebuergesch is constantly evolving. In 1999, the Government published a spelling reform, standardising the way it is written.

Luxembourg is a multicultural and multilingual country, with roughly half of its population made up of foreign immigrants and daily commuters. Increasingly, these foreigners attend adult education classes to learn its traditional tongue.