The tutor

I was born in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, came to England to study, and have lived in London all of my adult life, spending my career to date in the field of corporate communications, photography and education.

In February 2009, I held a exhibition of photographs at the Luxembourg Embassy in London, entitled Snapshots of a City. My photographs of London street art were featured on the Luxembourg national television channel, in the RTL Kultur edition of 13th November 2010.

Today, I organise monthly pub evenings for the Luxembourg Friends in London, which usually take place on the second Tuesday of each month.

During the academic year 2009-10, I was visiting tutor in Lëtzebuergesch at the Department of Germanic Studies of Sheffield University. Professor Gerald Newton commented: His teaching was enthusiastic and of the highest quality. His classes were much appreciated by the students, who of their own acknowledgement informed me that they had learnt much, presented in a way that greatly appealed to them.

And the students wrote: Villmols Merci fir all deng Héllef a bescht Gréiss. Mir si ganz frou datt s du eis d’Lëtzebuergesch Sprooch e besselche bäibruecht hues!

In 2009, I very successfully taught Lëtzebuergesch to Alice, a young Russian student. When I mentioned this to fellow guests at the Ambassador’s National Day reception, a number of people expressed an interest in attending formal language classes.

Alice said about my tuition: Having lived in Luxembourg for the best part of ten years, it was only when I began studying under Eddie’s watchful eye that I really got a grasp on the language. Although it was not the easiest of tasks, within six months I had reached a standard high enough to sit the national language exam in order to apply for Luxembourg nationality. My marks were 21/24 in the comprehension test and 95/100 in expression.

The lessons were professional and informative. Eddie is an eloquent native speaker and addresses not only the facts of the language but also practical expressions, peculiarities and etymology. It has been a real pleasure and I am glad to say that I have been equipped with the tools to continue refining my knowledge of the language on my own, even after the completion of the course.